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Whole Meal pita
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Za'atar topping pita
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300gr 500gr

Authentic Pita Bread Supplier in Singapore

Don’t settle for second-best. If you’ve been searching for the most authentic and best pita bread supplier in Singapore, you’ve most definitely come to the right place! When you order from Pita Bakery, you can feel confident that the pocket bread, pita chips or any other item you choose has been made using machinery sourced from the Middle East, delivering incredibly authentic flavours that are sure to impress.

To add to the authenticity, our bakery continues to use a recipe which has been around for 700 years, producing quite possibly the best pita in Singapore.

A great selection of kosher, halal & vegetarian breads

All of our foods are vegan, vegetarian, kosher and halal, breads included of course, so no matter which of our many items you decide to order you’re able to cater to everybody.

Our pocket bread pita package is wonderfully popular, as are the garlic, sesame and za’atar toppings (although all the others sell very well, too!). And because of our wide range of toppings for you to choose between, no matter what your customers’ tastes, we’ve got something they’re sure to absolutely love.

Add dips, sauces and more to your pita bread order

While our halal and kosher breads most certainly can stand on their own, it’s always better to give your customers the option of dipping. So in addition to our fantastic selection of pita bread, you’ll definitely want to take a look at our absolutely delicious variety of accompanying dips and spreads including baba ganoush, hummus and others. We also have full meal options that come with everything you need to enjoy an authentic taste of the middle East all wrapped up in one easy package!

And you can rest assured that when you choose Pita Bakery, you’re choosing a pita bread supplier in Singapore that delivers 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Got a question about pocket bread or something else?

If you need some more information about one of the items on our menu or are interested in Kohser food delivery, feel free to get in touch with us today by either calling (+65) 66356256 or using our online enquiry form ato send us a message which we’ll respond to ASAP.

Vegetarian Halal Falafel Sandwiches and Much More

Life’s too short to eat subpar food. Say goodbye to microwavable frozen meals and visit Pita Bakery to experience some of the best, most authentic Middle Eastern food you’ll ever taste. Our signature halal falafel sandwich may in fact change your life forever; yes, it really is that good and no, we’re not ashamed to say it!

Our equipment was ordered and shipped in from the Middle East, which means the flavours you’ll experience and the aromas that emanate from our bakery will make you feel as if you’ve been transported there yourself.

Vegetarian falafel dishes in Singapore

We have a wide selection of choices on our menu to suit all types of tastes. If you’re in the mood for fries but would rather not hit up one of the big chains and would prefer something that has a little more to it than just grease and potato, our pita chips will definitely scratch that itch - especially when accompanied by one (or more) of our dip options.

For those in need of more than a snack, you definitely need to try a halal falafel sandwich - we can pretty much guarantee it’ll be love at first bite! Included within this glorious pita is the perfect combination of falafel, salad, and sauces you’ll be thinking about for days.

We have a great selection of meals that include our delectable vegetarian falafel. Singapore businesses can take advantage of any of our menu items being delivered direct to you seven days a week, every single day of the year too.

Singapore’s favourite vegetarian falafel - delivered direct!

Our comprehensive menu of authentic Middle Eastern foods includes so much more than the best vegetarian falafel in Singapore and our game-changing sandwiches with halal falafel. Be sure to take a look through our variety of pita breads as well as some of the best Mediterranean dips you’ll ever taste.

We deliver middle eastern food to businesses of all sizes and in all locations around Singapore, so get ordering now!

Find out more about our falafel dishes

Would you like a bit more information about one of the products you see here? Please call us now on (+65) 66356256 or, if you’d prefer, you can message us online and one of our team will respond to you as soon as we can.

Singapore’s Best Hummus Dip, Baba Ganoush and Middle Eastern Spreads

There’s nothing quite like experiencing the taste of the Middle East. If you’ve been trying to find some truly authentic hummus dip and baba ganoush in Singapore, you can call off the search, because Pita Bakery has exactly what you need!

Authentic hummus, baba ganoush and other dips to choose from

Whatever your taste, we’ve got something for you. In addition to the best hummus Singapore has to offer, we also make a variety of other authentic dips and spreads. From baba ganoush to tahini, harissa, turshi and amba, you really are spoiled for choice at Pita Bakery!

For businesses of all sizes, we take pride in being able to offer our services as one of Singapore’s leading suppliers of not just these flavoursome dips like hummus and baba ganoush that are sure to delight your customers, but also a large select of halal pita breads that are baked fresh daily as well as Middle Eastern spices and even full meal packages - with delivery available directly to you seven days a week, every single day of the year.

What makes our dips and pita the best in Singapore?

We work tirelessly to ensure our customers receive nothing but the most authentic-tasting Middle Eastern products every time. Using centuries-old recipes and genuine equipment that’s been shipped directly from the Middle East, you can bet every bite of whichever menu item you choose is packed with delectable flavours that will please your palate.

So whether you’re a Middle Eastern food fanatic looking for a meal you won’t soon forget or you run a business and would like to offer your customers traditional and authentic Middle Eastern menu items right in Singapore - from hummus dip to baba ganoush, falafel and more - and need a reputable and reliable supplier, you can count on Pita Bakery.

Get in touch with us about our Middle Eastern delicacies

Would you like to place an order for delivery or self collection of our tasty Middle Eastern food? Simply click on our Order Now page to make your selections online, or please call (+65) 66356256 for phone orders. Don’t forget to add our yummiest hummus dip in Singapore to your cart!

If you have any questions for us or you’d like to place a bulk order, please feel free to contact us today by giving us a call on (+65) 66356256 and speaking with one of our friendly team members. Alternatively, you’re welcome to use our enquiry form to send us a message online and we’ll respond to you promptly. We’re always happy to hear from and assist you, so contact us now!

Middle East Spices Galore

Salt and pepper can only take your dishes so far, especially if you’re planning on creating something truly special, authentic and traditional both in aroma and taste. Pita Bakery offers a range of Middle East spices that will really bring your dishes to life.

We proudly supply a number of businesses across Singapore - from bars and coffee shops through to large hotels and everything in between - with our menu items throughout the year and can be relied upon 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

Authentic za’atar spice in Singapore and more

Whatever Mediterranean dish you have in mind, we have the Middle Eastern spices to help. From ras el hanut to baharat, sumac and za’atar spice, Singapore businesses can order from us any day of the year and we’ll be sure to deliver direct to you as quickly as can be arranged.

So give your customers an experience of the Middle East unlike any other and order spices from Pita Bakery today - you definitely won’t regret it!

Spices and other foods from the Middle East

Further to our great range of spices like za’atar and more, your customers will absolutely love our other menu items too. We have a selection of pita breads with lots of different toppings available plus some seriously delicious dips and spreads to accompany them as well as meals that include our legendary halal falafel sandwich and more.

When you choose Pita Bakery, you know you’re getting nothing but authentic-tasting Middle Eastern foods. We achieve this by using machinery and equipment that’s been shipped in from the Mediterranean, and also by using recipes that are many centuries old.

Talk to us about our Middle Eastern spices now

Whatever questions you may have regarding our spices or something else from our menu, or if you’re simply after some further information about our delivery services, you’re always welcome to give us a call on (+65) 66356256 to chat with us directly. If you’d prefer, you can message us online and you’ll hear back from us shortly.