Vegetarian Halal Falafel Sandwiches and Much More

Life’s too short to eat subpar food. Say goodbye to microwavable frozen meals and visit Pita Bakery to experience some of the best, most authentic Middle Eastern food you’ll ever taste. Our signature halal falafel sandwich may in fact change your life forever; yes, it really is that good and no, we’re not ashamed to say it!

Our equipment was ordered and shipped in from the Middle East, which means the flavours you’ll experience and the aromas that emanate from our bakery will make you feel as if you’ve been transported there yourself.

Vegetarian falafel dishes in Singapore

We have a wide selection of choices on our menu to suit all types of tastes. If you’re in the mood for fries but would rather not hit up one of the big chains and would prefer something that has a little more to it than just grease and potato, our pita chips will definitely scratch that itch - especially when accompanied by one (or more) of our dip options.

For those in need of more than a snack, you definitely need to try a halal falafel sandwich - we can pretty much guarantee it’ll be love at first bite! Included within this glorious pita is the perfect combination of falafel, salad, and sauces you’ll be thinking about for days.

We have a great selection of meals that include our delectable vegetarian falafel. Singapore businesses can take advantage of any of our menu items being delivered direct to you seven days a week, every single day of the year too.

Singapore’s favourite vegetarian falafel - delivered direct!

Our comprehensive menu of authentic Middle Eastern foods includes so much more than the best vegetarian falafel in Singapore and our game-changing sandwiches with halal falafel. Be sure to take a look through our variety of pita breads as well as some of the best Mediterranean dips you’ll ever taste.

We deliver middle eastern food to businesses of all sizes and in all locations around Singapore, so get ordering now!

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