Middle East Spices Galore

Salt and pepper can only take your dishes so far, especially if you’re planning on creating something truly special, authentic and traditional both in aroma and taste. Pita Bakery offers a range of Middle East spices that will really bring your dishes to life.

We proudly supply a number of businesses across Singapore - from bars and coffee shops through to large hotels and everything in between - with our menu items throughout the year and can be relied upon 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.

Authentic za’atar spice in Singapore and more

Whatever Mediterranean dish you have in mind, we have the Middle Eastern spices to help. From ras el hanut to baharat, sumac and za’atar spice, Singapore businesses can order from us any day of the year and we’ll be sure to deliver direct to you as quickly as can be arranged.

So give your customers an experience of the Middle East unlike any other and order spices from Pita Bakery today - you definitely won’t regret it!

Spices and other foods from the Middle East

Further to our great range of spices like za’atar and more, your customers will absolutely love our other menu items too. We have a selection of pita breads with lots of different toppings available plus some seriously delicious dips and spreads to accompany them as well as meals that include our legendary halal falafel sandwich and more.

When you choose Pita Bakery, you know you’re getting nothing but authentic-tasting Middle Eastern foods. We achieve this by using machinery and equipment that’s been shipped in from the Mediterranean, and also by using recipes that are many centuries old.

Talk to us about our Middle Eastern spices now

Whatever questions you may have regarding our spices or something else from our menu, or if you’re simply after some further information about our delivery services, you’re always welcome to give us a call on (+65) 66356256 to chat with us directly. If you’d prefer, you can message us online and you’ll hear back from us shortly.